Living in USA (Florida, Texas or anywhere else in USA)  facing memory problems and Have you ever feel that you forgotten a word or name of someone or feeling difficult to remember name and other things.  We all face the issue but sometimes it becomes problem for us. And most probably sometimes you feels what is going wrong. Don’t be hard to yourself may be you are facing memory loos problem and brain problems like low alertness in the brain.

Sometimes it’s because of agiBrain-Enhancer-Booster-vitamins-supplements-in-Florida-USAng but you can control it too. Sometimes you feels that you are eating perfect nutrients but still there is some problem in remembering very small things. Most of us don’t know the problem but you may suffering from brain health issues. May be your Brain is not healthy enough to remember. In that case we recommended Magnesium. Our Brain loves Magnesium. Magnesium help to improve memory, attention and depression. You may be facing some problems like memory loss, low attention and any king depression. Chemical call Magnesium L – Threonate shows a promising results in the medical history by curing the patients related to memory loss, low attention and any king depression. Some studies shows an excellent results in the improving memory problems and depression.

Benefits of Magnesium includes: –

  • Healthy levels in the central nervous system.
  • Healthy synapse functions.
  • Restorative sleep.
  • Cognitive and neurological healthy brain.
  • Reduce stress and overall health.
  • Magnesium L-Threonate results in improving the several memory alertness.
  • Some compounds also shows that it provide relieve to chronic neuropathic pain.
  • Low Magnesium also linked to irregular heartbeat. It also help to improve Heart related issues.


Side effect

If you take too much magnesium this could lead to side effects like low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat so it is advisable to take it according to the prescription of the doctor. Our Body need to maintain average 25 grams of magnesium in the body. Don’t take over dosage of the magnesium.



We highly recommend that dosage must be taken according to the doctor prescription. But we on a average basis we can take it according to the study. And Study suggest for Adult its 200 – 400 mg and for women Adult its 300 mg.


Final Conclusion

If you are facing brain problems like memory loss and low memory alertness or low magnesium so you can buy this product to maintain the level of magnesium in the body.