Citicoline is a chemical that help to improve brain memory. It also occurs naturally in the body. It can be taken in form of medicine from mouth as a supplements.

Citicoline is used to cure disease like Alzheimer’s and other related types are dementia, head trauma. Symptoms of Alzheimer includes problems with memory, judgment, and memory loss. Dementia is one of the stage of Alzheimer.

Citicoline was discovered by Japan for stroke. Later Doctors used to prescribe it as a drug in many countries and Europe was one of them. Now it is frequently prescribed for thinking problem, memory problem related to brain. In some countries like US it is Marketer’s project is as a dietary supplements.

What exactly is Citicoline?

Citicoline is a chemical which is powerful nootropic. A research found that it help to improve focus and mental power.

Choline is a precursor to the neurotransmitter, neurotransmitter is one of the mane neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. Neurotransmitter is play very significant role in focus and sustaining attention. People with low neurotransmitter shows to be associated with memory deficits and alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes it also cause depression.

How does it work in Brain?

Citicoline seems to increase brain memory with the chemicals called phosphatidylcholine. According to the study this brain chemical is important for the functioning of the brain.citicoline


  • Citicoline is a chemical that help age related memory issues like memory loss. Citicoline may help People aged between 45 to 80.
  • Cerebrovascula diseases is a long term blood circulation problem in the brain people face. There are evidences out of studies that show taking citicoline in form of injection or pills into the vein or muscle might improve memory of patients.
  • Stroke recovery – patients are suffering from stroke that is caused by clot (ischemic) stroke are most likely have complete recovery within 3 months.
  • A research suggest that if people suffering from lazy eye problems uses citicoline for 15 days might improve vision of lazy eyes.
  • Alzheimer disease that cause memory loss – Some evidence also suggest that taking citicoline by mouth might improve the brain learning and memory power. It also help to improve the power to process information.
  • A research suggest that it also help people suffering from cocaine addiction. It might also help people suffering from bipolar disorder.
  • Some people facing trauma problem due to brain injury. Citicoline might improve memory, thoughtful speaking and learning ability in people.

Side effects

Citicoline is safe when it is taken by mouth short term up to 70 to 90 days. The exact duration of the term to use the citicoline is not known. Most people who take citicoline don’t experience any side effects. It experience memory gain, improve ability to judge and it also help people suffering from Alzheimer. Some side effects are headache, low or high blood pressure, chest pain and others.

Special Precautions: –

Pregnancy – There is not enough evidences that shows that it’s not to be taken by pregnant women but on a safer side avoid use in the pregnancy duration.

Daily dose can be taken upto 1000-2000 mg per day by mouth. People suffering from blood vessel can take upto 600 mg per day.

Citicoline supplements is safe and effective?

We found citicoline supplements safe and effective for brain enhancing. Citicoline has a very low toxicity in both animals and humans. Some studies tested that high dosage between 1500 mg to 2000 mg a day will not be harmful. We don’t recommend it for pregnant and nursing women just to be on the safer side.

Can I get them naturally through foods?citicoline

If you are looking to have this chemical through foods and vegetables the answer is NO. Citicoline is the best source to have this chemical to improve brain power.

Final conclusion

If you are suffering from brain problems and low memory power. Find it difficult to understand things properly or find it difficult to remember things than you can try this product. As research and studies shows that it help to improve memory power. So don’t wait give a try and enhance your brain learning power and memory skills.